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All companies established in Hong Kong are statutorily required to keep sufficient business records as well as to prepare annual financial reports and management accounts.  In this fast-pacing business environment, it is of the small and medium enterprises’ (SMEs) top priority to strive for best cost-effectiveness - through outsourcing the accounting-related duties, not only could the administrative and personnel cost for engaging a full-time accounting staff be saved, the account management services that you would be provided with is also second-to-none in the accessible market.


Willtop, with the elites in its consultant team who have served over two decades in the field, is able to complete a top-tier financial report with you providing only the receipts collected - no other actions required.

• Monthly accounting
• Annual accounting
• Company audit and tax return
• Prepare a minimum tax plan for your company and shareholders for legal tax avoidance

Required information:

1. Bank statement

2. Sales contract, Invoice, Delivery note

3. Purchase Order, Supplier Invoice

4. Expense receipt

5. Lease agreement (e.g. Office, Vehicle, Machine, Equipment & Director 

6. Certificate of incorporation, Business registration certificate, Annual Return

7. Employee MPF Contribution Statement 

8. Employee Salary Tax Return

9. Proof of Fixed asset

10. Last Year financial report (If applicable)

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